1. How long does shipping take? Shipping can range from 5-10 days on average. We try out absolute best to deliver our products to you as fast and efficiently as possible. 

2. Is my information safe on your website? Yes, we do not store any customer information or credit card information. 

3. What if I order the wrong size? No problem, simply email us at trendzzzvilla@gmail.com and we will get it all sorted for you. 

4. How long has Trendzzvilla been around and in business? Since 2022

5. What are your shipping rates? $8.99 for standard + Insured shipping. Orders over $84 get FREE SHIPPING :)

6. What is your privacy policy? We will never share your information with any 3rd party websites or companies.

7. Who is 3rd party? Well we are first party, you are 2nd party. That mean's 3rd party is anyone other then you & us and, you know they probably have enough information on us already.